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Best friends since college, Sean Mc Namara and Christian Troy run a successful plastic surgery practice in Miami, but Christian's unethical acceptance of $300,000 from a mobster desperate for a new face threatens both their friendship and their business.

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Sean's wife Julia struggles at home with her lingering feelings for Christian, stemming from a one-nht stand they had together while in college.

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Sawyer Belle Smith Blog Archive Sawyer and Finn play date June.

Sean's son Matt goes to Christian when requesting a circumcision.

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Aspiring model Kimber (guest star Kelly Carlson), the latest in a long line of Christian's conquests, discovers the ugly truth about his womanizing. Mc Namara/Troy's new on-site psychologist (guest star Kevin Chamberlin) creates conflict between Sean and Christian, while at the same time Sean grows interested in an independent shrink, Dr.Life dating did joey graceffa dating catrific .

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